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Custom publishing

Professional publications, customer publications and in-house publications – we’ve done them all.

Custom publishing

Whether it’s print publications, content hubs or enewsletters, we create channels of genuine value that build and engage audiences. 

To manage your channel, we build a team of experts dedicated to your brand – publishers, editors, strategists, writers, designers and media sales champions. We can also monetise the content and channels by advertising other brands’ products, events and services.

At Mahlab, we live for great content and design, and we are proud of our track record of creating content platforms. We’ve done it for diverse audiences – from pharmacists to engineers.

Professional publications

If you’re a B2B organisation or a professional association, the bar for your content is high. Your audience expects professional publications to talk on its level, to not only know the lingo and the lie of the land, but to also keep it informed of the latest trends.

Mahlab has produced long-standing professional publications for audiences ranging from financial services to healthcare and human resources to engineering. We build teams that can produce content like insiders because they are insiders.
someone accessing the microsite of UNWG

Custom publications

The relationship between businesses and customers is about a lot more than the moment of purchase – it’s an ongoing conversation.

Custom publications are a great way to maintain that conversation with existing audiences and to start the conversation with new audiences.

Whether it’s a microsite, enewsletter or magazine, custom publications are highly effective. They are places for your audience to explore engaging and informative content on topics relevant to them, while connecting with your brand and growing a community.

In-house publications

If you’re an association, a union or a business, an in-house publication is your voice – the place where your members or staff go to learn the latest about your activities, positions and upcoming events.

Because it’s so closely linked with your brand identity, you have to have confidence that the team behind your in-house publication is reliable, trustworthy and authoritatively knows your brand. 

Whether it’s launching a new in-house publication or taking charge of an existing one, Mahlab will build you a team that delivers.
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