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Content that works [Infographic]

In this era of social distancing, marketers are flocking to content to keep their audiences connected. How do you create content that will cut through this crowded space?

content that works infographic

How to cut through the noise during a crisis
How do you continue to reach and engage your audience during the current pandemic? Mahlab’s Head of Communications, PR and Social, Lily Carlyon, explains brands need to go back to the fundamentals. 
Live vs pre-recorded – how to choose the best format for your online event
Thinking of transferring your in-person event online? Should you host it live or have content pre-recorded? We break it down in this blog+ offer you a free ebook in bonus.
Writing about COVID-19 (while making people’s lives better)
When Mahlab’s HRM editor, Girard Dorney, shifted gears to writing COVID-19 content, getting page views was easy. Harder was saying something different that resonated with the audience while not adding to the panic. Here’s how he did it.
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