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Losing the schmooze: lead-generation in an all-digital age

If your usual steady stream of leads is drying up to a trickle, you may want to consider gated content as a lead-generation tool. Our Head of Content, James Chalmers, explains how to do it successfully.

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Language in a time of crisis: why your words matter

Right now, marketers are being called upon to deliver clear, consistent messaging at speed. It has to be both sensitive and engaging; helpful while raising brand awareness. If it’s feeling like a challenge, that’s because it is.

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Here’s looking at you, leaders.

A crisis is no time to hide. In fact, right now, leaders should be more visible than ever. Our Head of Communications, Lily Carlyon, offers her advice for communicating while navigating the storm.

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Pivot or swivel, but don’t abandon your live events just yet!

These days, it seems the only thing that’s certain is that we have to stay away from each other — which means no more live events. Mahlab’s Head of Strategy, Kim Richards, says this doesn’t mean you have to abandon your plans –  instead, adapt them to the new reality.

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How we’re staying together (apart)

There are a few things we’ve been doing at Mahlab to ease the pain of isolation. The good news is, they’re all really simple things that you can steal from us and customise to suit your business.

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What we learnt working on Salesforce World Tour Sydney Reimagined

Thinking of turning your live event into a virtual conference? Here’s what we learnt from working with Salesforce as they reimagined World Tour Sydney.

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