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Destination Digital – Your ultimate guide to making real-life connections in a digital world [ebook]

In a world that currently feels like a lonely planet, human connection is needed more than ever. In-person events may not be currently possible but the same objectives need to be fulfilled; people still want to build valuable connections. To achieve this, the delivery needs to be reimagined.

Interactive content is an alternative way of engaging audiences and providing a sense of that same human connection that people gain from attending live events. There are several formats marketers can choose from, depending if that content needs to be live or not.

Whatever the format, you need great content, engaging speakers and a well planned agenda to succeed. And this is exactly what this guide is for — to help you succeed. We’ll give you tips and templates to help you create real-life connections in a digital world.

Learn how to:

  1. Build a detailed plan and clear objectives
  2. Generate an audience
  3. Determine what content can be streamed live and what is best to pre-record
  4. Ensure your speakers and moderators can deliver
  5. Choose formats that best suit the content you want to share
  6. Consider the technological questions
  7. Capitalise on your hard work when the show is over