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Helping Thomson Reuters reach the people that matter and make tax engaging

Thomson Reuters

Key objectives

  • Produce leads for Thomson Reuters’ product, ONESOURCE
  • Position Thomson Reuters as a trusted adviser and thought leader among target corporate accounts in Australia
Thomson Reuters BEPS


As part of an international effort to tackle international tax avoidance, regulatory changes were made in Australia that required multinational corporations to provide rigorous reporting and complex documentation. The looming deadline and heavy penalties of hundreds of thousands of dollars for each late or non-compliant statement meant that this Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS) regulation was a certified big deal for the finance industry – and an opportunity for Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters’ financial software ONESOURCE has a number of modules and solutions to help multinational businesses to easily and accurately complete their financial reporting in accordance with BEPS’s country-by-country rules and regulations. It offers guidance to the complicated and still-changing processes of compliance with international tax agreements.

Thomson Reuters BEPS

Our approach

Mahlab conducted a half-day workshop with Thomson Reuters to understand their business goals, target audiences and gather other key insights. We agreed the target audience was CFOs and tax directors of multinationals in Australia. This audience needed education and guidance to understand the new requirements around BEPS and the risks of inaccurate reporting.

Within two weeks we had signed off a content strategy alongside an editorial calendar outlining seven weeks worth of content. To deliver the BEPS campaign, we engaged a well-respected tax and finance writer to create the new content to be published weekly.

The content was targeted by persona and the audience’s stage in their journey, requiring a mix of content formats and a range of topics. For example, gated whitepapers were used as bottom of the funnel content for lead generation. For optimal ROI, these whitepapers were then broken down or ‘atomised’ into smaller content pieces such as articles, infographics, social tiles and checklists that were then distributed through the platforms and channels most relevant to each audience. These smaller pieces of content were targeted to the top of the funnel for brand awareness.

Topics were selected based on three central content pillars – risk, business implementation of BEPS and technology as an enabler. They ranged from benchmarking reports against multinational corporations the world over to achieving justified trust with the use of technologies that build transparency.

We amplified the content on Facebook and LinkedIn using job title and industry targeting for top of the funnel content, and retargeting strategies for the bottom of the funnel content. We continually monitored results to optimise which piece of content would be offered in retargeting.

We are now working with Thomson Reuters on an ongoing communications strategy that is focused on generating leads for the company and leveraging its experts to deliver thought leadership content across all channels.

The outcome

  • We delivered 77 leads, including 20 who requested immediate contact with Thomson Reuters specialists, over a 10-week campaign – excellent results for a high-value product that typically had a long and complicated marketing funnel
  • The social campaign brought in 3893 clicks from key audiences such as CFOs, Finance, IT and Tax professionals across Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Thought leadership content placed in top tier media outlets including The Australian Financial Review, Public Accountant and Accountants Daily.
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