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Helping Thomson Reuters reach the people that matter and make tax engaging

Thomson Reuters

Key objectives

  • Produce leads for Thomson Reuters’ product, ONESOURCE
  • Position Thomson Reuters as a trusted adviser and thought leader among target corporate accounts in Australia
Thomson Reuters BEPS


In 2017, regulatory changes were made globally that required multinational corporations to provide rigorous finance reporting. The penalties for non-compliant statements was a big deal for the industry – and an opportunity for Thomson Reuters to position itself as a thought leader in changing tax regulation. It was also an opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of using its technology to manage this complex tax landscape, thereby raising awareness of its financial software ONESOURCE.  Many companies still use manual solutions that increase the risk of non-compliant reporting while being less productive. Thomson Reuters’ software can help easily and accurately complete financial reporting. Nevertheless, Thomson Reuters was struggling to build awareness and get more people to use its product.

Thomson Reuters BEPS

Our approach

To become a trusted adviser, increase customers’ appetite for tax technology and raise awareness of its ONESOURCE product, Thomson Reuters needed to create content that would resonate with its different audiences.

Our approach to tell a comprehensive and effective story was to mirror a customer’s buying cycle and create content that helped to move them through this cycle.

Content is targeted to specific personas, requiring a mix of content formats and topics to be developed. Gated ebooks are used for lead generation. These are supported by articles, infographics, social tiles and checklists, which direct readers to download the ebooks. An important part of this approach was interviewing subject experts outside of Thomson Reuters to ensure the content provided impartial insight for a time-poor audience.

Topics were selected to respond to the audiences pain points – technology as an enabler, dependence on spreadsheets and building a business case to buy tax technologies. They range from how to balance your tax technology and excel to improving performance and deliver value through tax.

We have a paid Facebook and LinkedIn strategy to drive traffic to the content, using job title and industry targeting for awareness content, and retargeting strategies for conversion. Content was also delivered to Thomson Reuters’ database through email.

The outcome

  • 68 tax professionals downloaded the first gated ebook, including 12 who requested immediate contact with Thomson Reuters specialists – great results for a high-value product that typically has a complex marketing funnel.
  • Thomson Reuters has converted several of these leads and has a strong sales pipeline.
  • The social campaign has a click through rate of 1.38% while the industry benchmark is 0.45%.
  • The LinkedIn page audience has grown by 19% since July 2018.
  • Owned media led to earned media, with thought leadership content placed in top tier media outlets including The Australian Financial Review, Public Accountant, Chartered Accountants, and Accountants Daily.
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