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Guiding an association's leap into the digital-first world


Key objectives

  • Launch a successful digital platform to meet member, stakeholder and advertising demands
  • Leverage a cross-channel approach – using print, digital and social media in an integrated and united manner to maximise impact
  • Broadening the content scope of Australian Pharmacist beyond continuing professional development and educational content while retaining existing members
  • Increase engagement with early career pharmacists and non-members
  • Provide advice and support on advertising strategy


For decades, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has strived to improve their industry by providing continuing professional development. A key part of these educational efforts has been its monthly journal, Australian Pharmacist, which has been a trusted source of information for pharmacists for more than 30 years.

But while the challenges and opportunities facing pharmacy have shifted significantly in recent years, the journal had not. With almost three-quarters of pharmacists aged under 44, this meant the journal risked losing touch.

In fact, PSA data showed that engagement with Australian Pharmacist‘s educational content had almost halved since 2012.


Our approach

Mahlab created a content strategy that aligned with PSA’s broader strategic goals, based on the results of readership and advertising research.

Young pharmacists indicated they would like to engage with the publication digitally and on social media. Two-thirds of members and non-members aged between 18 and 29 agreed that they would like Australian Pharmacist to be more accessible online.

As for the content, the theme of value recurred again and again during our research. We developed audience personas that would ensure that content remained relevant to the industry as a whole while also offering strong relevance to young pharmacists, as well as introducing new content pillars to shape future content.

We also developed cross-channel advertising packages to maximise revenue and reach more people.

The outcome

We launched the digital content hub for Australian Pharmacist alongside a redesigned print journal and email newsletters this April.

Pharmacists can now access up-to-date and relevant content year-round through a mix of channels.

The average time on page per article is 3:15 – a testament to the audience being engaged with the content.


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