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How HITN Australia smashed audience growth targets

“The launch of Healthcare IT News in Australia is key to our growth in Asia. Mahlab did a wonderful job of the launch and continues to exceed audience growth targets across all platforms. We are excited and encouraged by our partnership with Mahlab. We couldn’t ask for a better content partner.”

– John Whelan, Executive VP, HIMSS Media

Key objectives

  • Build and engage an audience of Australian healthcare and IT professionals
  • Grow Healthcare IT News Australia’s industry profile and brand, establishing the publisher as an authoritative, relevant and reliable source of industry news and information with competitive influence in the healthcare and IT media space.
  • Inspire conversation and debate on relevant topical issues such as industry innovations, politics, legislative changes, companies and people in the field.


HIMSS is a global, not-for-profit organisation focused on better health engagements and outcomes through information technology. In 2003, it founded HIMSS Media – today the fastest-growing and most dynamic B2B media group serving the healthcare technology market.

Healthcare IT News Australia is HIMSS Media’s Australian arm. It is an authoritative source on the people, policies and technologies driving next generation healthcare in Australia. It publishes news and analysis on innovations and implications in a high-stakes industry advancing at an ever-increasing clip.

Our approach

The Healthcare IT News Australia website ( launched in May 2017. On average, five original stories are published on the site each week, covering topics ranging from cybersecurity to telehealth to patient care, supplemented by syndicated US content deemed relevant to the Australian audience. All stories are shared across social media channels FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn through a strategic paid amplification strategy and through a weekly enewsletter.

Prior to launch, personas were developed based on research and insights offered by the US and EU editions of Healthcare IT News, as well as Australian HIMSS membership demographics. A deep understanding of these personas and their priority interests guides coverage, and is enriched by the regular and ongoing attendance of conferences, roundtables and media briefings.

Incorporating the voices and expertise of industry experts, academics, field representatives and public officials, stories published have resonated with target audiences and swiftly elevated the profile, with notice and mention from key stakeholders. Coverage ranges from the mildly amusing (such as a story on a new government scheme to help healthcare providers phase out faxing – an antiquated technology presumed no longer in use), to the matters of critical urgency and concern (such as a story on the shady underworld of medicare number trafficking).

Great content has to be complemented with a strong amplification strategy to reach the right audience on the right platforms and at the right time. Building the audience from the ground up required a constant analysis of the results by gathering insights and improving the paid amplification strategy.

Connecting with audiences in providing engaging, varied, accurate and timely content, the Healthcare IT News Australia brand has managed to outstrip growth targets early in the game and has received a warm welcome from readers as an alternative to existing information sources.

The outcome

  • All key site traffic targets were exceeded in July, just two months after launch – the user target jumping 213% and sessions target hitting 199%.
  • From an audience of nought, the Healthcare IT News Facebook page has gained 2,700 likes (and climbing), with an engaged audience of 45,000.
  • The average post reach is 9724. The greatest original post reach is 67,554 for a story on an Australian-made 3D-printed ribcage that was transplanted into a patient in the US.
  • Healthcare IT News Australia has proved itself to be a leading voice and a force for positive change in the industry. In August, following questioning by Healthcare IT News Editor on why the Australian Digital Health Agency did not have a nursing representative, the Federal Health Minister announced that a nurse would be appointed to the board for the first time. broke the story.
  • The Healthcare IT News Editor has been invited to an increasing number of roundtables and conferences (including CeBit, the NSW Health and eHealth NSW expo and GP17) – a testament to the publication’s rising reputation of providing accurate and objective coverage.
  • International, multi-award winning content


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