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Content gains 5 million impressions from 187 countries for global conference


The World Engineering Convention runs every four years, earning it the nickname ‘The Olympics of Engineering’. It was held in Australia for the first time and co-hosted by Engineers Australia and the World Federation of Engineering Organizations in November 2019. The event features high-profile keynote speakers from Australia and around the world,  and facilitates engineers coming together to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Key objectives

  • Drive awareness of the convention through content
  • Drive traffic to the registration page.

Our approach

We developed a digital content plan that would raise awareness, drive WEC registrations before the conference and maximise insights and content during the event. 

We created a video highlighting the WEC event themes and speakers. This video featured inspirational engineering figures from around the world discussing why it’s important for the profession to come together to build a more sustainable world. The video was shared on Engineers Australia’s social media pages and shown at the convention’s opening ceremony.

Several articles were published each month on the WEC website from April to the conference in November. The content featured high-profile speakers who would present at the event to give potential delegates a preview of WEC – from automation and artificial intelligence, to sustainable construction practices, diversity and inclusion and the future of engineering education. All of these articles directed readers to the registration page.

We also created infographics and social tiles. This static infographic highlighted five reasons to attend WEC. This interactive infographic asked engineers to think about their role in building a more sustainable world and encouraged people to explore the WEC themes, featured speakers and special sessions.

We used paid content amplification on Facebook and LinkedIn to reach new audiences, especially an international audience who would be interested in attending the event. We also published the content on Engineers Australia’s platforms like the create website and distributed it through the create enewsletter.

During the event, we created articles covering the six convention themes, which featured a mix of the keynote addresses and abstract presentations. This content was also published and amplified on social media, as well as in a wrap-up enewsletter to attendees. 

The outcome

  • The event was sold out with 3000 attendees.
  • 145,076 page views on the WEC content. 
  • The wrap-up enewsletter had an open rate of 51.5% and a unique click-through rate of 9.8%, which is double the industry average for open rate and three times the industry average for click-through rate.
  • CPC on Facebook was $0.18, seven times lower than the industry average.

“Due to the diversity of topics and the longevity of the WEC campaign period, we delivered content in a consistent method with an ‘always-on’ strategy. At different intervals throughout the campaign we distributed valuable content to drive registration-sales conversion. This was in the form of articles, infographics and videos which delivered solid results and allowed us to engage with our audience in an industry-relevant, compelling way.

Content was the main driver of our marketing campaign and allowed us to share relevant insights and timely information to our desired audiences. Through amplification of content, we were able to easily track and amend digital audiences to ensure the right people were seeing the content, and we were getting the results we needed.”

-Nikki Angelucci, Commercial Marketing Manager, Engineers Australia


2019 WEC website and content


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