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This infographic will inform your communications strategy

This infographic is packed with stats and benchmark figures for your association's communications strategy.

If you’re looking for benchmark figures to inform your association’s communications strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Check out this infographic. It’s jam-packed with compelling stats from our Fourth Annual Member Communications Survey.

Australian associations, take a bow! Not only are you expanding your social media offerings, you’re also unlocking your gated content at an ever-increasing rate and tackling the challenge of measuring the effectiveness of your communications strategies.

Email marketing remains your number one communications tactic and video production has surged 20 per cent since last year. Many of you plan to boost your efforts in the realms of social media and blogging, and website-hosted news updates are progressively earning a greater share of the communications spotlight, too.

Infographic_communications strategy

If you enjoyed this, why not have a read of the full report here.

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